Always Dreamt of becoming a Mum but terrified of Birth? This one is for you.

This is for the not-yet-a-mum-but-born-to-be-one women who have been counting down the days to meet their first born for as long as they can remember but are not yet pregnant. I know the thought of pregnancy terrifies you and any mention of giving birth has you crossing those legs tight as hell doesn’t it? I know so many of you and I have some information for you.

I decided, last Thursday night, while out to dinner with my girls and knee deep in birth stories that it is high time that someone speaks for the beautiful parts. The incredible, no-words-for moments, that are all apart of the process of getting baby from belly to world.

Birthing a small human with a deceivingly large head out of your fan is obviously not the most comfortable feeling in the world but to be honest, IT ISN’T THAT BAD. In fact, it is all kinds of beautiful. Of course it is painful, but the trade-off is more than worth it. You built a whole human, elbows and brain matter people! How bloody clever are you! I bet you never thought you would read the word beautiful in a sentence that also included the words vagina and head, hang in there.

All you hear about is how horribly painful giving birth is, how horrific pregnancy can be and how hard having a newborn is so I just wanted to tell you that it is actually NOT THAT BAD. The positive parts, like the squeaky sounds your newborn makes as he nuzzles into you boob for the first time all slimy and warm, far outweigh the negatives like the back pain that accompanies carrying said baby around in your tum for 9 months. Yes sometimes having a newborn sucks, the whole no sleep and having to put clothes on each day to entertain visitors thing is shitty, BUT LOOK HOW CUUUTE HE IIIIS! oh and it gets easier, people bring you freezer dinners and gifts and you get to eat like a ravenous pig which you can blow off with a cute ‘breastfeeding makes me so hungry’ comment and everyone nods in acceptance.

Another cool part is; when you first find out that your body is building a little human, a human that is half you and half someone you completely adore, whether it hits straight away or a few weeks after that double line appeared before you, the whole thing completely blows your mind. I remember with my first born I was alone in our apartment I had done a pregnancy test and instantly my body surged with tingles, they flowed through my entire body and wrapped themselves around this new little blip in my tummy. I swear I could feel it. I cried and cried and cried with this feeling, I still don’t know how to explain it. It was the most incredible, intense feeling. Instant love. Heart warming, soul shifting love for this little tingle in my tummy.

Then at about 18 weeks you feel your baby moving around in there and holy shit does it become all kinds of real. With my first I didn’t know what it was because it was a really strange butterfly, clicky feeling. I don’t know why but I didn’t connect the two, I just never had the thought ‘oh the baby moved’. It continued happening and took me weeks to understand what was going on. I explained it to my midwife at the 20 week appointment and when she said ‘oh good so you have started feeling some movements’ that sentence hit me like a bloody train. I bust into psycho pregnant lady tears and bawled it out for solid 10 minutes. MY BABY IS MOVING! How frigging clever. This realisation connected me like nothing else to the little person inside my tummy.

Truthfully pregnancy gets crappy toward the end. The uncomfortable-ness and insomnia but you have heard all of those parts. What you may not know is that towards the end, when baby is big, you can actually SEE her moving. Elbows and bottoms poking up. My baby girl used to poke her bottom out the side of my tummy, it was the strangest of feelings, like she was going to poke through and climb on out herself (I wish). My son would often push up on the inside of my tummy with his feet. You can really see hands and feet! It is truly incredible. The realisation that your baby is soothed by the sound of your heart-beat and the sway of your walk, no words.

Okay lets go there. Labor. It is bloody painful I would never discount that for my fellow Mamas. With my first contraction I had I instantly power-chucked in response to the pain. Yep the glory. But the feeling of knowing you are literally about to meet the love of your life is the most exciting and wonderful thing I have ever felt. Then there is the zone you go into to get through the birth. I wish someone told me about this. There is this point in labor that you literally focus your entire body and mind on pushing through and delivering bub, in those few minutes you could conquer the world. You could also kill anyone who breaks your zen but I am not even sure it would be possible to break it. Giving birth to this baby becomes a challenge accepted, bring it on! Then seconds later there he or she is. Plain as day in your arms, your whole heart and world in your arms, by this time your mind has already left what you have just been through and is completely and utterly on your new baby. So the entire process is over. You are no longer a pregnant lady and now a fully fledged legit MUM! and you would do it a million trillion times over if you had to just to hold this little human.

Inspiring Little Interiors – with Talented Mama Rebecca

inspiring little interiorsWe are firm believers and huge supporters in the abundant benefits of surrounding children with inspiring, positive spaces that encourage and . We aim to inspire creativity and Individuality here at Polished. It is so important that we as Mums focus on raising confident, independent young adults. Inspiring Little Interiors is a blog series that celebrates the Mamas out there doing exactly that.

Introducing the ever so lovely Bec! from @_madebybec_

Who are you and what do you do lovely Mama?

Hi! My name is Bec and I am a mother of one gorgeous little girl named Evie. I work part time at Aldi and in my spare time make and sell concrete decor and other items. I am in love with styling and decorating.

Rebeccas styling -

How many mini humans have you created and what ages are they?

I have one daughter, Evie who is 3 and a half.

What are your tips and tricks for making the space feel personal for your little girl?

When choosing products for my daughters room I choose items that she loves and that I know she is not going to grow out of anytime soon to make it worthwhile. I usually show her photos of bits and pieces to make sure she likes them and let her ‘help’ me decorate so that she feels involved in the process and the room more ‘hers’.

Rebeccas styling -

Your favorite styling piece in the room?

I am loving my Pretty In Pine fruit shelves! They are super cute and a great price too. Check them out at on Instagram

What colour combinations are you loving at the moment?

I love mint, pink, lilac and gold for girls and black, white and grey for boys.

Rebeccas styling -

All time. On trend. Must have. Right now is…

Anything watermelon, ice cream or doughnut themed for girls and monochrome is definitely in for boys right now.
Rebeccas styling -

Have you found a sneaky, stylish storage trick?

I am loving my IKEA shelves.

Rebeccas styling -

The perfect wall décor on a budget? 

Using framed prints to match the colours and theme of the room is a cheap and easy way to decorate along with some nice shelves or a shadow box. I also love my tassel garland from Flossy Flamingos (@flossyflamingos).

Evies special space is certainly one that Inspires. Talented Mama Bec has put so much heart into the space and it has absolutely paid off! Bec also sells the sweetest concrete decor bits and pieces so be sure to check her out in Instagram @_madebybec_ and is behind the original concrete donut!

Inspiring Little Interiors – The Mama Bare

This Inspiring Little Interiors is all about wonderful mama, Jessica Douglas-Monks. Jess is a busy working mum with a penchant for interior styling, once you see her work you will most definitely agree that she has found her inner creative while creating beautiful spaces for her two beautiful daughters Evie and Arya.

inspiring little interiors

Who are you and what do you do lovely Mama?

I am Jess Douglas-Monks and I am currently a full time working mum. I work as a dental assistant/receptionist at a busy local dental practice.

How many mini humans have you created and what ages are they?

I have two beautiful daughter’s.  Evie Delilah is four years old and Arya Ruby is three. They are fourteen months apart – no, it wasn’t planned that way!

Inspiring Little interiors Inspiring Little Interiors Inspiring Little Interiors

What are your tips and tricks for making the space feel personal for your little person/people?

 To make the space feel personal for the girls I try to combine what I feel is on trend right now with older, more personal items and I also let them have a say in it. They are always going through my phone which has thousands of screen shots of potential bedroom items and I always try to add things that they have picked out because it is their room after all!

Your current Favorite styling piece of the room (the one you put in all the flat-lays and vignettes)?

Right now I can’t go past the LaDeDah Kids unicorn and mermaid that Arya was given for her birthday. I’m in love with them and they have featured heavily in my feed of late!

What colors combinations are you loving at the moment?

I’m loving monochrome right now, which shows in the girl’s living area. Other than that I’m still in love with soft pink and gold- I just think it’s stunning

All time. On trend. Must have. Right now?

Copper and marble. Give me all the copper and marble.

Inspiring Little InteriorsInspiring Little Interiors

Have you found a sneaky storage trick?

Storage is something I’m not good at! I wish I lived near an Ikea. Unfortunately I’m presently storing a lot of stuff in their sliding wardrobes but it’s something I’m working on!

The perfect wall decor is…

the Perfect wall decor for me is any decal from Vivid Wall Decals. I love how easy they are to use and how they can transform a room. That said, I would give my left arm to put up some Mrs Mighetto wall paper in the girl’s room!

Jess Is looking to create beautiful spaces for others down the track, Keep your eye on her! To check out some more of this Lovely Mama’s wonderful work follow her on Instagram @themama_bare


Life Quotes

It Is A Beautiful Life and at the risk of sounding like a complete mush I am sharing my all time favorite quotes with you. They empower me and encourage me. They also quite simply, remind me that all is happy and lovely if I can push through on those tough parenting days, writing block and creative ruts. enjoy xo

andre gide


dr seussbackgroundmae west

“I have no idea why it is so hard for me to confess, I have stretchies.”

I have feared this day for SUCH a long time but it is well and truly overdue, so here goes nothing.

I need to get over my body concerns and GET INTO BATHERS. I love swimming. I adore the beach. I also have stretch marks from bearing two beautiful little humans. So, you can see my dilemma. I am all too aware that this seemingly huge problem is merely a superficial, internal conflict over what denotes ‘beauty’. I am also very aware of an existing pressure that is often placed on mums, to look a certain way after bearing children. As much as I am ashamed to admit it, I put more pressure on myself than I should.

I have no idea why it is so hard for me to confess, I have stretchies. I have absolutely no regrets, I don’t even hate them but I am scared of revealing them. Terrified might be more accurate. If one other Mum read this post and felt confident to throw on her bathers and go for it I would be so happy. Mums in media have a responsibility to make the lives of our fellow Mums easier and better by getting rid of this crappy pressure to ‘get back to normal’ after childbirth. WE ARE ALREADY NORMAL, a new kind of beautiful, complete, in-love NORMAL.

It makes absolutely no sense that I am so conscious of my body now. I have the man of my dreams who may I add, adores my body and wouldn’t change any part of me for all the money in the world and two beautiful children who wouldn’t exist if I didn’t have marks on my body. I have had children. If I didn’t have stretchmarks I wouldn’t have those incredible children. They are the facts. My insecurity isn’t reflective of what I think women should look like post baby either, to me we are all different and we are all beautiful, I just had a ridiculous need to look like I did pre-baby. I literally drowned my self in bio-oil from the day I found out I was pregnant with both children fully expecting that to remove any chance that I, like my own mother, would get stretch marks. It Didn’t.

So summer has well and truly arrived and I WANT TO SWIM AND BEACH AND WHAT NOT. So I have set myself a challenge to GET OVER IT and start living without the superficial stuff. It really is quite simple.

I realised very soon after that there is no way I could purchase bathers online, I don’t even know what size I am having not purchased bathers since I was 19 and the thought of hauling two kids into the city to try on pair after pair of unrealistic options for my body, just about sent me running for the hills. I left it. Sad and sorry that I would again miss the beach this summer but also kind of relieved that I didn’t have to go through with it all. Pheww.

I came across Sirens swimwear.

An Australian label. Tick.

Designed for ALL women. Tick.

And their styles! Tick.

The best part is that they have developed an easy way, to order bathers online. The process is called SHIP THE SHOP. Basically, you can order up to five sets of bathers, pay for one and return the ones that didn’t suit. I chose. I ordered. I received my bathers and the free return shipping, post-bag within the week!

I was super excited to get this mum-tum into their stunning and flattering bathers!

I honestly could not be happier with my experience! The benefit of being able to try on the items within the comfort of my own home was huge! I Was able to get an honest opinion from my family and didnt have to worry about which child was going to loose it first in the change room! The process was so simple and with the return shipping bag included It didnt cost me to shop this way!  I am very IMPRESSED. Check out the sets I chose and let me know your favourite!


IMG_0767IMG_0764 IMG_0787(1)-3

Polished Purposeful Pretty - Sirens Swimwear

This is a sponsored post, which means that all products were supplied. I only review items that I absolutely luurve and know would benefit you my fab follower, partly because we are not an advertising service but mostly because it would bore the crap out of me to write fluff. All opinions are very much my own. I take a huge amount of pride in the honest and transparent thing we’ve got going on here at Polished Purposeful Pretty.

Ppp followers have been offered free shipping on all orders up untill December 15th just enter polished at checkout

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“we all have bits we dont like, lets celebrate being real”.

This morning as I am tidying, packing nappy bags and getting ready for the day I switch over to mornings on nine and the first thing I notice it Sonia. She is different this morning, insecure and distracted. But still killing it in her Anchor role. My heart breaks for her as I watch her cover her mid section with her papers she moves around to carefully hide a few stray lumps and bumps.

Sonia Kruger, you are gorgeous Mama and lets be honest how many women would feel comfortable in a skin-tight white outfit? My guess, not many. How many new mums who have had a beautiful baby in the last year would feel comfortable in that outfit? None.

Dearest Sonia, Baby Maggie is not yet 9 months old and you are back in exceptional shape, you very clearly are passionate about health and fitness and have absolutely nothing to worry about gorgeous woman.

A note to your wardrobe team – NO ONE FEELS GOOD IN SKIN TIGHT WHITE. You are an absolute inspiration to so many women, put those papers down and show off what you’ve got. We all have bits we don’t like, lets celebrate being real.

yelling mum

Ever thought about moving interstate with the kids? NO.

So here we are.

The last week has been a borderline nightmare, in an organised-chaos kind of way.

We moved to Victoria, Melbourne-Craigieburn-Ballarat, almost 5 years ago in search of a job for the boyf-turned-fiancé. We stayed. We had babies. It was fun mostly but we had to come home. Oh and he got that job.

Home to family and friends. Home to the trees and fresh air and quiet supermarkets (with no bloody shopping bags). It is so strange; the air has an incredible smell here. A smell of fresh and homely-ness and frost in the sun. It is so recognizable and familiar. It’s almost tangible.

After being away and seeing the beauty in other places, I now know that there is NO WHERE as beautiful as home. We are so lucky to call this place home.

So anyway, we are home.

After a horrid moving weekend and a horrid, stressful three weeks before that, a fun drive and a shitload of stuff and boxes, a sad day with many, many tears and ultimately the closing of our, having babies-building careers chapter. HUGE. we are finally all unpacked and somewhat settled in.

We moved back in with Mum, which you’d think would suck, but it doesn’t at all. It is actually wonderful.

Mum has, for lack of a better description, a ‘granny flat’ so we get to live like we always have, on our own. With of course a few more drop-ins, RENT FREE. So we can figure out our next move without being under the financial pump. WOOO to the first time in years we won’t have to constantly think about tha dollas.

Our Ballarat home, our Cali Bungalow, is still ours. As it turns out, we are rather attached to it. So we are putting tenants in and hanging on to our first space.

Needless to say, we are stuffed. We needed to do it so we did it and it was hectic but we are here. Pheww. Just a bit of advice – DO NOT MOVE INTERSTATE WITH TWO BABES UNDER THREE without using a removalist company. or at all. dont do it at all. Spend the dosh. It is not worth not doing that – my brain is still in Ballarat with the kids Christmas lay-by. YEP.

Here’s to building our life, basically from scratch again, with our babes and each other and our granny flat. On another note I have been receiving some wonderful opportunities of late in relation to this wonderful little place here at Polished Purposeful Pretty!

here’s to happiness and wholeness xo


Shine Chasers, are people who work their bum’s off In pursuit of their happiness, their wholeness, their polished life. You know, live very day chasing their SHINE.

I am so lovingly passionate about YOU my fellow chasers, my kindred, life living, soul hugging spirits. You do your thing wholly, unapologetic-ally and genuinely while raising babes and running your family or whatever else life has offered.

You, beautiful soul, inspire the hell out of me. With your ferocity and ability to do your thing, whatever it is, while being so genuine and beautiful and encouraging. It is impossible to avoid the awe, the wanderstruck – but not of your travels, OF YOUR JOURNEY, The jealousy and the love. All of the love.

I find it an incredibly beautiful thing when we, the ones who have direction, a Purpose a ‘something bigger’, can support each other through our creative journeys. I have met so many wonderful women that have helped me get to where I am today on my own journey. Being in the virtual presence of these women is just so damn inspiring that it’s impossible to feel anything but empowerment.

THIS is where our ‘SHINE CHASERS’ blog series enters the proverbial room.

Here, you will find inspiring stories and the adventures of incredible, polished, inspiring, wonderful, shine-chasing-women. If you would like to share your journey feel free to drop me a line at or leave a comment here at www,

To celebrate the launch of our new blog series SHINE CHASERS please help yourselves to our FREE PRINT by clicking below



11 Examples of How My toddler is a Tiny Emotionally Unstable Adult.

Max just came in bawling. He told me that Percy had hurt his finger. Yes Percy his tiny wooden train. Apparently Percy bit him. So as you do, I told Percy off and put him for time out on the tele cabinet. (I’m probably an enabler)
Anyway this got me thinking about all the things that Max, at 2.5 years of age, comes up with and I realised that he is basically a tiny, mentally unstable, probably drunk, adult.

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This year I will SHOW you how appreciated you are!

The Day of the DAD is just around the corner, and we love nothing more than a celebration. Celebrating the Dad of this house is easy, he does so much for our family and I would like to think knows he is appreciated every day. Even though we try to love and thank each other everyday for the life we have, It is super-spesh to be able to spend a whole day making the Dad of our world feel especially appreciated for all he does our little family.

mas ist - Version 2

Sunday September 6th is the day we get to show Dad that all of his fatherly efforts do not go unnoticed. There are so many reasons my children are incredibly lucky to have their Daddy, He is playful and loving, firm and gentle all at the same time. He is the perfect combination of patience and discipline, fun and seriousness. He works incredibly hard so that our children can have a easier transition into their adult life than we did. He loves, kisses and cuddles. He teaches, guides and sets exceptional standards for us to live by. He laughs and makes all of us laugh so often, he is basically our go-to-guy on all fronts, unless something needs to be drilled, found or fixed (then I am your guy)

At their tender ages of 6 months and 2.5 years our children are completely unaware that they, in my incredibly biased opinion, have the best Dad in the whole world (excuse the mush fest). It is easy to say that our babies are lucky to have their dad and so often forgotten that without him I wouldn’t be the mum that I am. I am not going to say I am LUCKY to have him, because luck has nothing to do with it. I chose him as my life partner because of all of the qualities that make him a wonderful man and an incredible dad, although I am lucky that he chose me back. It is an absolute blessing to be able to call this wonderful man – the man of my dreams and father of my babies.

max 1 - Version 2

It is pretty clear why the kiddies are lucky to have DAD so this Fathers day I thought I would jot down all of the reasons why I am fortunate to have him as my co-parent.

He is my rock. My big, stable, level-headed, realistic, avoid-the-bullshit-in-life, rock. He grounds me and reminds me that although some days the struggle is real, we are young and in the process of creating a life for ourselves and our babies. We need to pull together daily and push through the hardest part of our life together.

He has this ability to push through his own exhaustion to make my day with the kids just that little bit easier. He will always make me a coffee in the mornings and tidy up the house as he gets ready for work. It makes an incredible difference to the flow of my day with the tribe.

He has never been bothered by; a pooey bum, vomit, food-on-everything-messes, wee-through-every-layer accidents or the gross stuff in the sink. And he never leaves a nappy change for me to do. In our house we run on an -If you smell it you clean it – philosophy.

_1010254 _1010162

He tells me everyday that going to work is a holiday in comparison to a day at home with two kiddies under three. Lets be honest, sometimes us stay-at-homers need to hear that, it gives us that little bit of strength to know that he is aware of how hard we work when he is not here to see it.

He literally raves about toasties for dinner. Those days when I barely manage to put clothes on so much as diner on the table are interesting enough so to know that there is no pressure to have a meal together by the end of it all calms my insides an incredible amount.

He understands that I can not ‘only parent’. Parenting is a huge role but I still need to find a little time to fit in something for me (blogging/training) to maintain my sanity. He encourages and supports my need to learn and converse with adults from time to time. Most importantly he gets why it can be mentally exhausting sometimes to spend all-day-every-day only communicating with babies and puts up with my chewing his ear off on arrival home from work.

So, as you can see the Dad in this house is a wonderful man and the perfect parenting buddy.



YOU ARE OKAY MAMA – A letter to my postnatally-depressed self

Two and a half years ago, I gave birth to an incredibly beautiful, wise beyond his time, alert little boy. He unfortunately had a rather horrific entry into this world. He managed to be delivered via forceps and somewhat ‘naturally’ after a very long and confusing labor.

There are a few things that I can remember very clearly about that day. One of which makes its way into my dreams from time to time and fills me with guilt and hatred – I gave up on our baby boy.  After 23 hours and a team of maybe 8 medical people chattering, throwing terms back and forth that I didn’t understand but I knew weren’t good, there was a moment when I gave up. I looked at Jake and said, ‘this is it, he is not going to make it, he cant come out alive, how could a tiny baby survive this’. I wasn’t sure that I could even survive such an unnatural and horrific experience, and then seconds later there he was. Our tiny bundle of blue. He let out a wonderful scream and with it we knew he was going to be okay, he is a strong little thing.

The experience took its toll on me. I didn’t realize it fully at the time. Max struggled to, he screamed and screamed for the first six months of his life. He was an incredibly upset little boy. To add pressure to what was already a difficult time, My Fiance had recently been diagnosed with epilepsy and was suffering from scary seizures and constant auras. It was a terrible combination, Jake could not be tired or stressed otherwise his health would rapidly decline, which would result in more seizures. I couldn’t run on no sleep and survive the day with an upset newborn. Jake couldn’t, carry him around, bath Max or drive, We couldn’t risk him falling down holding the baby so I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) leave him at all, even for five minutes.

After the arrival of my baby girl six months ago, I begun to learn that what we had gone through with Max was not typically ‘the newborn phase’. I was incredibly alone and scared. I wrote a letter to the myself, or the version of me who went through that time.

{Good-morning Beautiful,

Dreading the day aren’t you.

I know, I have been there.

Just do it. Roll over, drag yourself from bed – you don’t need or want to hear this but the truth is, he needs his Mummy sweetheart. Just as you are. It is all he knows; his only comfort in this new overstimulating and scary world – you and only you my dear. You CAN do it. It is in there, you can’t feel it but I can see it, YOU HAVE GOT THIS.

I want you to know a few things, really know them, in your heart and in your soul.

YOU are okay – you don’t feel it, but you are. You are alive, and you are doing a good job. YES, you loose it and scream into that pillow. YES, you catch yourself thinking ‘I hate this, I am a bad mum, and I am not built for this’. But guess what, YOU are doing it. Each minute, each day. You are being Mum and you are doing it well.

That is all you need to do. Be Mum. Leave the housework it doesn’t matter. I know sitting in a messy house all day makes it worse, so ask Jake to do it. Lean on him. Tell him that you can only do ‘Mum’ at the moment, There is not enough of you left for ANYTHING ELSE.

I know you feel like you have to achieve it all, and asking him to help makes you feel like you are failing. What you don’t see is that he is here with you, watching the love of his life ache in pain, without a clue as to how he can make it better. He needs to be able to make it better, he is a man. Your man. And he is a new Dad, and you are the mother of his child. He wants to help you, and you need him to.


The tears will slow soon beautiful. The ache in your heart to. You are overwhelmed with love – love like you have never known, and fear – fear and worry. This little person needs all of you for a little while. He unknowingly takes all you have to give until there is nothing left. It is all so very new and so very unknown. I promise you are okay, he is okay and you are doing it Mama. You are stronger than you know.

The sleep will return one day, the exhaustion is blinding you and sending you mad. Through all of this you are coping, barely, but you are. One day soon you will be able to close your tired eyes at night, knowing in your heart that he is fine in his cot. He will be safe and he will sleep and wake just like every night before. He is strong and he can survive the night without your hovering presence constantly checking his breath. He has you to thank for that strength, you have him and he has you, close your eyes and sleep Mum.


It is so hard, the constant battle; you never imagined you would feel this way, that you would struggle. You feel like you can’t talk to anyone about it. No one will admit to struggling just like you are, not because they want you to feel alone, because the fogginess of now fades and one day you to will look back and think ‘ that wasn’t so hard was it’. You are not alone Darling Mama, but you feel it don’t you? More alone than ever before – even in a room filled with people. I have been there to.

Your new baby has given you the gift of a new Heart. This one is bigger, much bigger but softer and far more vulnerable. It has the capacity to hold so much love. Too much to bear right now, but you will grow into your new heart and you will need it because some day soon you will feel things that you have never felt before beautiful mum. One of those things being Pure joy – not happiness – thorough, spine tingling joy. It will feel like you could melt. He will pull his first smile, you wont expect it and It will hit you like a thousand trains. This is the moment you will discover what your new heart is for.

You cry all of the time. About nothing and about everything. You worry about; SIDS, SUDI, teething pain, colic, wind, sufficient weight gain, weight loss, Is he in the average percentiles’ Is he getting enough milk? sleep cycles, milestones, is he too hot? You panic about other people holding your baby, dropping him, walking down stairs, bathing him. You feel like no one else would do it like you, and you’re right. No one in the world can do it like you, they don’t need to. The worry will go soon, not all of it, but enough so you can enjoy him while he is a tiny baby.


You worry about hurting others. New Aunties, Uncles and Grandparents who have just met your baby, your oxygen, your reason and purpose. They don’t understand why you can’t let them hold him for long, or rock him to sleep, or carry him around or drive the car when he is in it. They can’t feed him or get him out of his cot when he wakes. People you love and need will be mad at you for being something other that what they expected. They will think it is something to do with them, a personal attack. They cannot see your pain, your need to ferociously protect him. They can’t see how worried and weak you feel. They don’t understand just like you don’t understand it and that is okay. You need to do this your way, protect your heart. They will be there later, shut them all out while you pull it together. Nurture your heart; you need to look after yourself because he needs you.

You wonder if he knows. Does he know you are a mess? Does he know that his Mum is drowning in her new role? He doesn’t Wonderful Mama. He has an inherent trust in you. You should to, because you are doing this, you are being his mummy. He feels your love. You are his safety, his warmth, his home, his food, and his love. All he needs is you. JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

Try not to question your ability, you are more than able. You are going to get through this Beautiful Mumma. The Dark will lighten up soon, you are not alone, talk about it, and do not be ashamed, Block everything else out.

All that matters is that you survive this. One day you will be able to talk about this time and you will think ‘it wasn’t to bad, was it’. Right now is your time. Your new little family’s’. Pull together and push through.}


Thank you for reading this, It has taken so much courage to share with you my experience.

If you feel there is someone you know who may relate or find some strength in my letter please share it with them, it is just so important to support new parents because you never know what goes on on after you leave. They may be drowning in there new role and that scares me.


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The Rise Of The ‘Working, Stay At Home Mum’

The desire to create is meant to be one of the strongest yearnings of the human soul. And It is one that I spent a long time fighting so I could earn a reliable income and study a ‘career building’ degree.

Like every other parent in the universe, I realized many many things with the birth of my first born, the most significant of those being that a reliable income does not, in fact, equal happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I am the first to argue that ‘if we had all the money in the world we could spend every minute together as a family just loving each other and doing things that fulfill our hearts, without having to worry about the bills’, ( a regular conversation I have with my dreamy, yet far to logical, Fiancé). It sounds like a pretty bloody happy place to be.

Seeings as we do not have all the money in the world, we have to create little happy’s by doing things we love and doing them as much as possible.

I am not sure if everyone needs a ‘thing’  to make their life complete but I know that I do and the ‘thing’ that enables me to be completely at peace is creating. Creating to me is so many things. Its; painting, designing, writing, lettering, and photography. As a mum of two beautiful minis, it is incredibly difficult to find the time to invest my self as much as I would like to into, anything.



The other thing I realized is that, it sucks (and seems completely ridiculous) that the world we live in is literally based entirely on economics. To have a good life you need to have money (don’t get your nicks in a twist, I mean for food, shelter, medical expenses, chocolate etc.) and to have money, you have to work. but spending all of your time working means that you have to be away from your loved ones and away from the things that bring you true happiness. Fabulous. This, however, is not a reality for those clever cookies who have found a way to make their happy thing – their source of income, and even less of a reality for those parents who have found a way to create a reliable income doing the thing they love, whilst being at home with their babies. Genius.

So, I am trying to work toward this dreamy life as we speak. It is far easier said then done and sometimes I simply just need to get the hell out of the house and sit in my own silence for a while, but knowing that one day I will be working from home, for myself makes my knees wobbly with excitement.

Here are some (there are really way to many) of my favorite, wonderful Mums who have found a way to turn their creative thing into their source of income!

Bek Halliday –

Zebony Design –

Zoe Loves Ava –

Paperkrane –

Love Lace and Candles –

Captain + co. –

Louise & Albi –



(non-negotiable) COFFEE – Yellow Espresso

FLOWERS – Stems Flower Market


BABY – Mine



Why we really need to stop commenting on each others weight.

‘You’ve lost weight, looking good hun’. Let’s not pretend it’s not the first thing we notice.

I have certainly been a serial offender in the past. Before I had my daughter and without realizing the weight behind my words, I would readily comment on the size of my friends in the belief that I was boosting their confidence by commenting on their hard work in loosing that weight or ‘baby weight’.

In the latter part of my second pregnancy, I stacked on loads of weight. Mainly because I knew that it was the final opportunity I had to enjoy my pregnancy, my last pregnancy. Which had been so UN-ENJOYABLE. The thought to me was completely daunting and heartbreaking, It felt as though It was literally the last chance I had to enjoy what I, as a woman, was basically put on earth to do, reproduce and nurture. Continue reading

Women Have The Babies Because.

Why do women have the babies? Because we are tougher than tough that’s why.
But besides that I am actually not sure. I think my man is more qualified to do the actual parenting thing because of his calmness in dire situations although that is not always a good thing. (Max runs for the playground… across a road… Dad doesn’t bat an eyelid)

Max - 'lets keep pushing her untill she cries and then revert back to the cute little babies she is addicted to'  Lilly - 'what is that thing with the wiggly things on it? is that attached to me?' Continue reading

Are You A Yelling Mum?

I recently read a blog post tilted ‘how to curb the bad habit of yelling at your kids’. It basically and very kindly pointed out that yelling at kids is not nice and may leave children emotionally scarred. Because I so needed to read that. Anyway it has been eating at me for some silly reason so I thought I’d better confess.

yelling mum

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Have You Ever Wanted To Start Your Own Blog?

I have something a little bit different for you in this post. I have received a few emails since launching Polished Purposeful Pretty from you, asking how to start your own blog. So I thought I would share a basic rundown on how it all works in the early days. Continue reading

Interior Stylist and Much Much More – Interview With Inspirational Mum, Helen Edwards

The, Inspiring, lovely, Big Hearted, Helen Edwards is all things, Eco-friendly, happy and healthy home, successful and mindful business and much much more. She is also a Wife and Mum to three boys. Helen Edwards is the ultimate do it all-er. So naturally I asked her to answer a few questions for us to try and find out how she does it – you know, pick up some of what she is putting down! have a read lovely visitors, soak up some of her happiness Continue reading

REFLUX AND SILENT REFLUX : 20 things NOT to say to a rexlux parent.

Most parents have experienced some degree of Reflex with an infant so I thought I would share our experience and what we learned. Firstly reflux, or gastro-oesophageal reflux is a very normal physiological event – it is termed gastro-oesophageal reflux disease when it results in harm to your bub.


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A New Venture

Polished People – Chasing their Shine.

 I have reached a point in this blogging journey where I am craving something more. I have such a desire to help parents and women find themselves and their ‘Polished Life’.

My aim is to curate inspiration and write for the creative chasers finding their way. (THAT’S YOU LOVELY)

Chasing your shine means to pursue the dream. The big one! Make it happen. Work for it everyday. Live life everyday, unequivocally and un-apologeticly YOU.(unless ‘YOU’ is  an ass, then by all means be you but apologize in advance ;))

A life that is everything you want it to be. Live the dream, as they say.

Polished Purposeful Pretty is a space that empowers parents, and women to find themselves. A place of love, authenticity and a place where YOU can gain clarity in who you are and who you want to be.

We foster uniqueness and enlighten the determined who are stuck in a life rut. Continue reading

The Perfect Parent?

What makes me the perfect parent to my babies?

I am a mum. Not even a first time mum I am a mum of two beautiful babies and I still don’t know if I am doing it right. Welcome to parent-hood

But see the trick is that NO ONE DOES.

Questioning what the hell I am doing most of the time is what makes me a good mum because it means that i love my babies so wholeheartedly that i wonder if i am enough, if they deserve more than me and what I can give them. Because I love them so much I am constantly learning and growing so i can give them the very best version of me. Continue reading

I Bribe My Two Year Old Everyday

Yep. there it is. the naked truth. it feel’s weird to share that because I am so ashamed of it. But I do, I bribe him daily. And I shouldnt be ashamed. Its that or yell and get upset and punish behavior that I feel is completely normal.

he really is the sweetest boy in the world

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Rad Toys For Rad Girls and Boys

I am always on the hunt for cool, unique and good quality toys for our babes. It is incredibly important to me to surround children and babies with toys and spaces that ignite their imagination and enable them to fall in love with imaginary creative play

I want to start by saying that my fiance and I Live in Ballarat, Vic. With our two gorgeous kiddlets Maxwell and Lillian. It is the coldest place on the Fu*#ing Planet I swear. So understandably we spend a lot of time indoors, which If you ask any Parent of A 2.5 year old boy and a 4 month old baby girl, can be a nightmare at times. I have never been a fan of to many plastic toys (crap) around the house because as you know it builds up and clutters every room if you let it, not to mention can cost the earth. We are huge supporters of small business as well as sustainable practices here at PPPparenthood so I have done a round up of some of our favorite toys and Decor bits and pieces that make our indoors life a little bit more exciting (and some that are on our wishlist).

The Pixie Camera by Twig Creative – $40.00

quality toys - Polished Purposeful Continue reading

Letter seven: – 26.12.2012

My sweet boy. we have arrived at the end of Boxing Day and you my dear are not budging. I so thought you would be here by now (and hoped). But if you are happy and I am making a nice home for you in there then that is wonderful and I should be very happy, you’re obviously are very comfortable. I am writing this letter in the bath rather than in bed tonight. It is 5.30ish on a Wednesday night and I am well and truly ready for bed. Your Aunty Niki is still here the gorgeous girl although I don’t think she has enjoyed her time like she thought she might! I suppose at 9 months pregnant I am not as fun as I used to be especially over the Christmas holiday. She is only 17 and nothing is fun at 17. Oh my goodness baby I literally have never been this tired in my entire life. Continue reading



WOAH. I think I have discovered one of the coolest, handiest inventions for Mums, Dads and bubs ever. If you have kids in between the ages of 6 and 18 months, you will definitely be able to relate to the horrific – ‘im just learning to move around/walk and my coordination is somewhat comparable to that of a newborn giraffe, but I will not give up until I am covered head to toe in bruises’ – phase.

Well the gorgeous Bridget, Mumma to Indi and wildlife warrior has come up with a perfect (and incredibly adorable) solution…TOTSOX! Continue reading

Monochrome Makeover -

Maxis Monochrome Bedroom Makeover


Hello Lovelies!

As you know, I have been making little purchases here and there, stock-piling black and white goodies for my big boys room upgrade. I know I want to focus on a monochrome theme but I also want to incorporate a bit of an industrial theme with lots of white! I love the Scandi thing that’s going a bits nuts at the moment but for some reason when I put all my ideas on paper they just don’t seem to fit that style.

I had no clear idea of where I was going style wise to be honest! so I thought its about time I put together a mood board on Photoshop to bring together all the bits and bobs I have bought together with the style I have in my head! Continue reading

Polished Purposeful Pretty - Interview with Yvette Wilson The Stylist Splash

Blog Advice – Inspirational Mum: Yvette Wilson

As you guys know I absolutely love chatting with women who inspire me. When I first launched my blog, Polished Purposeful Pretty two months ago, I got in contact with the owners of my favorite blogs to introduce myself and my new venture. I also asked for any advice they had for me seeing as they were and are all further into a similar journey that I was just at the beginning of. I figured, Why not learn from the experiences of other successful people, people who I look up to, rather than from hours of wasted time?! Lets be honest, as parents, we don’t have a whole heap of spare time as it is. Continue reading