Shine Chasers, are people who work their bum’s off In pursuit of their happiness, their wholeness, their polished life. You know, live very day chasing their SHINE.

I am so lovingly passionate about YOU my fellow chasers, my kindred, life living, soul hugging spirits. You do your thing wholly, unapologetic-ally and genuinely while raising babes and running your family or whatever else life has offered.

You, beautiful soul, inspire the hell out of me. With your ferocity and ability to do your thing, whatever it is, while being so genuine and beautiful and encouraging. It is impossible to avoid the awe, the wanderstruck – but not of your travels, OF YOUR JOURNEY, The jealousy and the love. All of the love.

I find it an incredibly beautiful thing when we, the ones who have direction, a Purpose a ‘something bigger’, can support each other through our creative journeys. I have met so many wonderful women that have helped me get to where I am today on my own journey. Being in the virtual presence of these women is just so damn inspiring that it’s impossible to feel anything but empowerment.

THIS is where our ‘SHINE CHASERS’ blog series enters the proverbial room.

Here, you will find inspiring stories and the adventures of incredible, polished, inspiring, wonderful, shine-chasing-women. If you would like to share your journey feel free to drop me a line at or leave a comment here at www,

To celebrate the launch of our new blog series SHINE CHASERS please help yourselves to our FREE PRINT by clicking below



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