“we all have bits we dont like, lets celebrate being real”.

This morning as I am tidying, packing nappy bags and getting ready for the day I switch over to mornings on nine and the first thing I notice it Sonia. She is different this morning, insecure and distracted. But still killing it in her Anchor role. My heart breaks for her as I watch her cover her mid section with her papers she moves around to carefully hide a few stray lumps and bumps.

Sonia Kruger, you are gorgeous Mama and lets be honest how many women would feel comfortable in a skin-tight white outfit? My guess, not many. How many new mums who have had a beautiful baby in the last year would feel comfortable in that outfit? None.

Dearest Sonia, Baby Maggie is not yet 9 months old and you are back in exceptional shape, you very clearly are passionate about health and fitness and have absolutely nothing to worry about gorgeous woman.

A note to your wardrobe team – NO ONE FEELS GOOD IN SKIN TIGHT WHITE. You are an absolute inspiration to so many women, put those papers down and show off what you’ve got. We all have bits we don’t like, lets celebrate being real.


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