A New Venture

Polished People – Chasing their Shine.

 I have reached a point in this blogging journey where I am craving something more. I have such a desire to help parents and women find themselves and their ‘Polished Life’.

My aim is to curate inspiration and write for the creative chasers finding their way. (THAT’S YOU LOVELY)

Chasing your shine means to pursue the dream. The big one! Make it happen. Work for it everyday. Live life everyday, unequivocally and un-apologeticly YOU.(unless ‘YOU’ is  an ass, then by all means be you but apologize in advance ;))

A life that is everything you want it to be. Live the dream, as they say.

Polished Purposeful Pretty is a space that empowers parents, and women to find themselves. A place of love, authenticity and a place where YOU can gain clarity in who you are and who you want to be.

We foster uniqueness and enlighten the determined who are stuck in a life rut.

I have always loved chatting with and interviewing people who I am in complete awe of – the ones that get my creative flowing and completely blow my mind with their beautiful-ness and can – do (it all) attitude.

I am going to keep posting interviews to introduce these people who chase THEIR SHINE every day. YOU can draw from, quote, love and aim to be like – all to improve, grow and better your life/mind whatever it is!

Thankyou for reading, stay tuned for what is to come!


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