Maxis Bedroom Makeover

I have been playing around with bedding options for my big boys room transformation. I honestly could make a million different arrangements on Photoshop but I think I have finally narrowed it down to these options ==>

Monochrome makeover

World Cushion – Pumpkin Seed

Camera Print Cushion – Naked Lunge

Messy Mouse – Little Pop Studios

Barr Cushion (the one that looks like it has little bananas on it) – Fine Little Day

Lion Cushion – Anny Who

The Quilt cover set – Ferm Living

If you want to know where to purchase any of these babies just Google them to find your closest stockist.

Maxis monochrome greenmobsheet-642x900

For his sheet set, I have fallen in love with the Green Mob set by Sack Me! What a cute way to get your kiddies to love veggies (kind of) Any way this is where we are up to for now – I still have to purchase half of this stuff so I better not get any further ahead of my self.

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