Rad Toys For Rad Girls and Boys

I am always on the hunt for cool, unique and good quality toys for our babes. It is incredibly important to me to surround children and babies with toys and spaces that ignite their imagination and enable them to fall in love with imaginary creative play

I want to start by saying that my fiance and I Live in Ballarat, Vic. With our two gorgeous kiddlets Maxwell and Lillian. It is the coldest place on the Fu*#ing Planet I swear. So understandably we spend a lot of time indoors, which If you ask any Parent of A 2.5 year old boy and a 4 month old baby girl, can be a nightmare at times. I have never been a fan of to many plastic toys (crap) around the house because as you know it builds up and clutters every room if you let it, not to mention can cost the earth. We are huge supporters of small business as well as sustainable practices here at PPPparenthood so I have done a round up of some of our favorite toys and Decor bits and pieces that make our indoors life a little bit more exciting (and some that are on our wishlist).

The Pixie Camera by Twig Creative – $40.00

quality toys - Polished Purposeful Prettywww.polishedpurposefulpretty.com

The Pixie Camera is a gorgeous solid wood, toy that has moveable knobs and view finder. Twig creative also strives to encourage creative play, their moto – ‘Help your kids play better by encouraging them to ditch the screen and toy with nature.’ I absolutely adore this. They also make all of their cameras from sustainable resources, a double win! while I am fussing around the house making Flat-lays and vignettes to take photos Maxi often tries to ‘have a look at’ (mess with) my camera. To a little boy the Pixie might as well be a real camera with all of its moving bits and bobs!

The Huzi Dream Car – $59.00

the Huzi dream car - Polished Purposeful Pretty www.polishedpurposefulpretty.com

The Huzi Dream cars are handcrafted from natural walnut, beech and poplar wood. Dream Car puts creative possibility into your kids hands with the patented magnet system and a beautiful chalkboard paint finish so they can be drawn on! Show your kiddies how to draw doors, windows, wipers etc. I have a feeling these would hold even the busiest Kids attention for a long time!

The Grimms Wooden Rainbow – $79.95

Grimms rainbow - polishedpurposefulpretty.comThe gorgeous Grimms rainbow allows your children to learn their colors and counting in a fun and hands on way! I always feel that when my son is able to be tactile in his learning he remembers what I teach him much quicker! There is no end to the fun that can be had with this educational toy and It isn’t gender specific either so you can keep it for the next kiddie! (these come in various sizes – the biggest one is humongous, big enough to climb on!)

Three Pandas Nesting Doll by WeeGallary – $50.00


Who doesn’t love Nesting dolls! I loved the old Russian dolls we had as kids (god knows where they are now). This Monochrome Panda, Penguin and Raccoon version is a decor delight as well, handcrafted and painted in Russia for WeeGallery (they can be purchased through Etsy). It is always a bonus when toys also look stylish on the shelf.

Peachy Baby Peachy Playhouse – $450

image copy

What Isn’t to love about the Peachy Baby Play House! This one is obviously a far more expensive one but would be perfect addition to the playroom or even the bedroom as a bed. If you are looking at getting an indoor playhouse this is definitely, comparatively quite affordable.

Peachy Baby Natural Name Blocks – $21.00

peachy baby blocks - www.polishedpurposefulpretty.com

Another wooden wonder from Peachy Baby is there range of blocks! the custom name blocks aren’t the only option and the rest are all equally as cute. You can Even get the X O version for yourself!

Peachy Baby Indoor/Outdoor swing – $120

polished purposeful pretty - peachy baby swing

It is pretty clear that I have a penchant for Peachy Baby. Their designs are ingenious and affordable not to mention super stylish!

<==== this swing is suitable for bubs from 6 months up to 3 years!

Design Letters Arne Jacobsen Quilt Cover – $199

Bedlinen image - tyrkis

I, along with every other Scandi Interiors obsessed human on earth, am completely smitten with the Arne Jacobsen lettering range by Design Letters. The bedding is a lovely way to add a touch of adult style to a child’s space. The obvious benefit for kiddies is that they can practice their alphabet while in bed! (as if).

Thankyou for reading, I know I am so Kids Interiors focused at the moment but it is hard not to be!



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