This year I will SHOW you how appreciated you are!

The Day of the DAD is just around the corner, and we love nothing more than a celebration. Celebrating the Dad of this house is easy, he does so much for our family and I would like to think knows he is appreciated every day. Even though we try to love and thank each other everyday for the life we have, It is super-spesh to be able to spend a whole day making the Dad of our world feel especially appreciated for all he does our little family.

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Sunday September 6th is the day we get to show Dad that all of his fatherly efforts do not go unnoticed. There are so many reasons my children are incredibly lucky to have their Daddy, He is playful and loving, firm and gentle all at the same time. He is the perfect combination of patience and discipline, fun and seriousness. He works incredibly hard so that our children can have a easier transition into their adult life than we did. He loves, kisses and cuddles. He teaches, guides and sets exceptional standards for us to live by. He laughs and makes all of us laugh so often, he is basically our go-to-guy on all fronts, unless something needs to be drilled, found or fixed (then I am your guy)

At their tender ages of 6 months and 2.5 years our children are completely unaware that they, in my incredibly biased opinion, have the best Dad in the whole world (excuse the mush fest). It is easy to say that our babies are lucky to have their dad and so often forgotten that without him I wouldn’t be the mum that I am. I am not going to say I am LUCKY to have him, because luck has nothing to do with it. I chose him as my life partner because of all of the qualities that make him a wonderful man and an incredible dad, although I am lucky that he chose me back. It is an absolute blessing to be able to call this wonderful man – the man of my dreams and father of my babies.

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It is pretty clear why the kiddies are lucky to have DAD so this Fathers day I thought I would jot down all of the reasons why I am fortunate to have him as my co-parent.

He is my rock. My big, stable, level-headed, realistic, avoid-the-bullshit-in-life, rock. He grounds me and reminds me that although some days the struggle is real, we are young and in the process of creating a life for ourselves and our babies. We need to pull together daily and push through the hardest part of our life together.

He has this ability to push through his own exhaustion to make my day with the kids just that little bit easier. He will always make me a coffee in the mornings and tidy up the house as he gets ready for work. It makes an incredible difference to the flow of my day with the tribe.

He has never been bothered by; a pooey bum, vomit, food-on-everything-messes, wee-through-every-layer accidents or the gross stuff in the sink. And he never leaves a nappy change for me to do. In our house we run on an -If you smell it you clean it – philosophy.

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He tells me everyday that going to work is a holiday in comparison to a day at home with two kiddies under three. Lets be honest, sometimes us stay-at-homers need to hear that, it gives us that little bit of strength to know that he is aware of how hard we work when he is not here to see it.

He literally raves about toasties for dinner. Those days when I barely manage to put clothes on so much as diner on the table are interesting enough so to know that there is no pressure to have a meal together by the end of it all calms my insides an incredible amount.

He understands that I can not ‘only parent’. Parenting is a huge role but I still need to find a little time to fit in something for me (blogging/training) to maintain my sanity. He encourages and supports my need to learn and converse with adults from time to time. Most importantly he gets why it can be mentally exhausting sometimes to spend all-day-every-day only communicating with babies and puts up with my chewing his ear off on arrival home from work.

So, as you can see the Dad in this house is a wonderful man and the perfect parenting buddy.



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