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Ever thought about moving interstate with the kids? NO.

So here we are.

The last week has been a borderline nightmare, in an organised-chaos kind of way.

We moved to Victoria, Melbourne-Craigieburn-Ballarat, almost 5 years ago in search of a job for the boyf-turned-fiancé. We stayed. We had babies. It was fun mostly but we had to come home. Oh and he got that job.

Home to family and friends. Home to the trees and fresh air and quiet supermarkets (with no bloody shopping bags). It is so strange; the air has an incredible smell here. A smell of fresh and homely-ness and frost in the sun. It is so recognizable and familiar. It’s almost tangible.

After being away and seeing the beauty in other places, I now know that there is NO WHERE as beautiful as home. We are so lucky to call this place home.

So anyway, we are home.

After a horrid moving weekend and a horrid, stressful three weeks before that, a fun drive and a shitload of stuff and boxes, a sad day with many, many tears and ultimately the closing of our, having babies-building careers chapter. HUGE. we are finally all unpacked and somewhat settled in.

We moved back in with Mum, which you’d think would suck, but it doesn’t at all. It is actually wonderful.

Mum has, for lack of a better description, a ‘granny flat’ so we get to live like we always have, on our own. With of course a few more drop-ins, RENT FREE. So we can figure out our next move without being under the financial pump. WOOO to the first time in years we won’t have to constantly think about tha dollas.

Our Ballarat home, our Cali Bungalow, is still ours. As it turns out, we are rather attached to it. So we are putting tenants in and hanging on to our first space.

Needless to say, we are stuffed. We needed to do it so we did it and it was hectic but we are here. Pheww. Just a bit of advice – DO NOT MOVE INTERSTATE WITH TWO BABES UNDER THREE without using a removalist company. or at all. dont do it at all. Spend the dosh. It is not worth not doing that – my brain is still in Ballarat with the kids Christmas lay-by. YEP.

Here’s to building our life, basically from scratch again, with our babes and each other and our granny flat. On another note I have been receiving some wonderful opportunities of late in relation to this wonderful little place here at Polished Purposeful Pretty!

here’s to happiness and wholeness xo

4 thoughts on “Ever thought about moving interstate with the kids? NO.

  1. Su Hall says:

    When my three were all under 5, my husband and I moved 1100 miles, from Chicago area to Florida, my home. We just plain lucked out with a moving van we rented. It had a sliding door, behind the seats, which led to the storage area of the truck. We stacked all our mattresses up there, with the box springs standing behind them. We stacked the remaining furniture up to that. The children had the area all to themselves, with lots of coloring books and crayons and games and nap space. The front seat swiveled, so, I could turn and be able to interact with the children. We actually pulled it off. LOL
    Stressful?! Hell, yeah! But, it was as good as it could be for us at the time!
    Thank you! I just came across your blog and I like it.


  2. Jordan Alyssia says:

    Go you! How very impressive, our was a 8 hour drive and that was incredibly difficult! A friend of mine recently moved back to the UK from Aus and it was so hard but well worth it! Best of luck lovely x


  3. says:

    It’s not easy moving with babies, but it’s nice to be with family again. We just moved from United States to Europe with our three-year-old daughter to live near my parents and my husband’s parents. Well it was quite tough decision, and it was a tough move from one continent to another but here we have quite a lot friends and most of our relatives are here too. It sounds strange, but through the years a big part of the people we know moved from the US, including our parents. Greets!


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