Letter seven: – 26.12.2012

My sweet boy. we have arrived at the end of Boxing Day and you my dear are not budging. I so thought you would be here by now (and hoped). But if you are happy and I am making a nice home for you in there then that is wonderful and I should be very happy, you’re obviously are very comfortable. I am writing this letter in the bath rather than in bed tonight. It is 5.30ish on a Wednesday night and I am well and truly ready for bed. Your Aunty Niki is still here the gorgeous girl although I don’t think she has enjoyed her time like she thought she might! I suppose at 9 months pregnant I am not as fun as I used to be especially over the Christmas holiday. She is only 17 and nothing is fun at 17. Oh my goodness baby I literally have never been this tired in my entire life.


  Uncle Jess and Rory have gone home now  we jut got back from dropping them at the airport not long ago. They have been the best company and a really good distraction from how big, fat, sweaty and uncomfortable I have been feeling. There hasn’t been a dull moment. We all went to Mish’s house at the Vogue apartments on Chapel for Christmas day and had a bbq and a swim – I didn’t swim, there is no way I was getting this big stretch-marky belly out in front of everyone. I don’t understand how some women look so frigging gorgeous in a bikini with a big belly – my tummy looks scary, like your going to explode out at any minute!


It was really hard being away from Mum yesterday on Chrissy day, she makes  Christmas special every year. Nik and I both felt so weird, I think we both called mum in tears throughout the day.

When we came home from Mish’s we played the best game of Monopoly EVER! Your Dad is ruthless haha buying up all the bloody railway’s every time!

Anyway darling I will write another letter tomorrow

Mum xo

p.s only six more days until you are due!


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