Are You A Yelling Mum?

I recently read a blog post tilted ‘how to curb the bad habit of yelling at your kids’. It basically and very kindly pointed out that yelling at kids is not nice and may leave children emotionally scarred. Because I so needed to read that. Anyway it has been eating at me for some silly reason so I thought I’d better confess.

yelling mum

Do I look like a shouting mum? I think I fool the pants off of my friends.
I am the shoutiest of shouters at my kidlets  (okay not the baby one). I met a bunch of hubby’s (not yet hubby but at 23 with two kids you’ve gotta call him something and its never going to be baby daddy) fancy work friends and totally charmed their pants off with my togetherness and lack of swear words. All while stroking my sweet little boys wispy blonde hair out from his eyes to many times, cute.

We (me and the babes) left the finance fancies to have there meeting/fancy coffee date and went to the art shop next door where Mr 2andahalf proceeded to shop lift a train coloring-in book and run, wobbly legged and deceivingly fast down the mall toward the playground. It hit me, in the midst of panic, flailing frantically and yelling after him with baby girl (as quiet and nonchalant as ever) in the pusher. Firstly that I to had shop lifted (still holding the paint brushes) and secondly that I AM A YELLER. Is there even another way?


My son is a runner and he occasionally enjoys clocking his sister one in the head and so – I yell. I never planned on being a crazy screaming in public mum, I thought I’d be all calm and centered and zen you know, ‘Il just pace casually and calmly after my son who is heading to kiss the rottweiler out the front of the supermarket or just spotted a train in a shop window across the other side of the four lane road’ Real life daily struggle).

I am OKAY with it! he may be emotionally scarred (come on) but He is alive and in one piece.


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