Interior Stylist and Much Much More – Interview With Inspirational Mum, Helen Edwards

The, Inspiring, lovely, Big Hearted, Helen Edwards is all things, Eco-friendly, happy and healthy home, successful and mindful business and much much more. She is also a Wife and Mum to three boys. Helen Edwards is the ultimate do it all-er. So naturally I asked her to answer a few questions for us to try and find out how she does it – you know, pick up some of what she is putting down! have a read lovely visitors, soak up some of her happiness

Recycled Interiors is a home for environmentally savvy people to gain and share ideas and discussions regarding interior design, decor and architecture. Your mission is to do encourage environmental awareness while helping readers ‘to create a home which is individual, unique, and precisely how they want it to be’. How did you get into interior design coming from a health and social work background? What inspires you to be and to encourage others to be so environmentally aware?

I had always been a creative person and had been designing and decorating my personal spaces since I was a child! I used to try and create zones in my bedroom! My business incorporates helping people to create a happy healthy home, business and life – so it cuts across healthy planet, healthy people, healthy home. I am also an artist and paint, sing and write poetry so creating is in my blood. I love to style images and shoot them myself which I guess is the stylist part of who I am. For me the care of our planet and each other is everything. Nothing else really matters more. We must look after our home and each other or what is the point.


Not only do you own and run Recycled Interiors, you are also the founder and director of Diabetes Counseling Online. You have a bachelor of social work and are currently studying Interior Design and completing you PhD. How do you fit it all in?! Do you have any tips for my readers on the key to a successful Blog/website and online store?

Well that is true. I have had my PhD on hold for a year as I am also managing a large grant from the Commonwealth for Diabetes Counseling Online – but that is ending on 30 June and I am picking the PhD up again. I have almost completed my design studies, but that is not a priority for me, more a fun thing. For me what works is not seeing work and life as separate. I don’t really believe in work is here and life is there. I do believe in balance between output and input. So I am an early riser and tend to get a couple of hours work in before the kids go to school. I then focus on work until lunchtime and usually take a walk/run out in the fresh air with my music on, and then work again until the kids are home. On 2 days a week my parents collect my youngest son so I can work until dinner time. I usually do a few things in the evening once he is in bed as well. My outside exercise time is vital – this refreshes and grounds me. I also take time for regular facials and pampering. The beauty of working for yourself is that you can work and live your life all mixed up together and I love that. I have developed strategies for social media management which I teach people in my workshops but basically you need to remember we are all human beings and we are all walking the same journey – create community and focus on the social side of social media more than the numbers side, in my opinion – create relationship and be sure to give people plenty of things for free generously. I have often been criticised by those close to me for giving things away for free, but the new breed of Entrepreneurs are now realising what I have known for years – people are sales pitch weary – you can not just sell sell sell – you must give give give sell – and then they will give back to you as well, far more than if you just blab on all the time about how great you are and what you have to offer. Find out what they want and need and then solve their problems

you are also a Wife and a Mum. Do you manage to find a balance in between work and home life? What do you do for ‘me time’.

– see above! I also travel a lot for work and make sure I luxuriate a little when I go away. And we have regular family get always and outings. I am not much of a social events person, I love nothing more than pottering at home and Saturday and Sunday are me time. I usually sit around 3 pm on Sunday and do some work after a lovely weekend offline.

Interview with Recycled Interiors - Helen Edwards -

Your list of skills is so extensive! And your work seems to all give back in some way. What inspires you to achieve so much and and still have time to give back to the community through charity and the environment?

As I said above, for me it has always been about helping – in fact my mentor wanted me to call my business Helen Helps! But I have branded my overarching business now as Helen Edwards Creates as it is all about helping you create a happy healthy home, business and life. I think my parents instilled in my the idea that life is not about how much you can get out of it, but how much you can put into it. I just cant help wanting to help! I have a strong passion for making sure that everyone is okay.

What advice would you give to someone ( like me ) who wants to achieve so many different things but struggles to fit it all in with family life?

At the end of the day family are everything to me, but unless you are a happy and fulfilled person you will not be a happy and fulfilled Mum. You need to find a balance between feeling guilty about work and kids – there needs to be a permission from yourself to do both. Also remember they grow! And life changes. Sometimes you need a for now goal, a medium term and a longer term career goal. I don’t think having it all means doing it all right now. As a woman with type 1 diabetes I was told at age 12 I would never have babies and if I did they would be born deformed or dead. I have proven them wrong with my 3 sons and they are my everything.

Interview with Recycled Interiors - Helen Edwards -

How do you encourage your children to find their passion and niche in life?

I have always told my children that I do not care what they do in life as long as they are kind, do something that makes them happy and have enough. I also think that by modelling to them with my own life, that it is full of ups and downs and we all struggle, but that you should go for what you want, they learn this. I have lived with and overcome major depression, anxiety and panic attacks and my kids know that health and well-being are critical to a happy life.

So there you have it folks, I told you she is a little bit amazing. If you would like to find out more about Helen and what she can do for you You can find her at the places listed below!


Helen Edwards Creates is the bringing together of all of Helen’s lines of work – you can read more here. Also I highly recommend that you check out Recycled Interiors blog here.








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