“I have no idea why it is so hard for me to confess, I have stretchies.”

I have feared this day for SUCH a long time but it is well and truly overdue, so here goes nothing.

I need to get over my body concerns and GET INTO BATHERS. I love swimming. I adore the beach. I also have stretch marks from bearing two beautiful little humans. So, you can see my dilemma. I am all too aware that this seemingly huge problem is merely a superficial, internal conflict over what denotes ‘beauty’. I am also very aware of an existing pressure that is often placed on mums, to look a certain way after bearing children. As much as I am ashamed to admit it, I put more pressure on myself than I should.

I have no idea why it is so hard for me to confess, I have stretchies. I have absolutely no regrets, I don’t even hate them but I am scared of revealing them. Terrified might be more accurate. If one other Mum read this post and felt confident to throw on her bathers and go for it I would be so happy. Mums in media have a responsibility to make the lives of our fellow Mums easier and better by getting rid of this crappy pressure to ‘get back to normal’ after childbirth. WE ARE ALREADY NORMAL, a new kind of beautiful, complete, in-love NORMAL.

It makes absolutely no sense that I am so conscious of my body now. I have the man of my dreams who may I add, adores my body and wouldn’t change any part of me for all the money in the world and two beautiful children who wouldn’t exist if I didn’t have marks on my body. I have had children. If I didn’t have stretchmarks I wouldn’t have those incredible children. They are the facts. My insecurity isn’t reflective of what I think women should look like post baby either, to me we are all different and we are all beautiful, I just had a ridiculous need to look like I did pre-baby. I literally drowned my self in bio-oil from the day I found out I was pregnant with both children fully expecting that to remove any chance that I, like my own mother, would get stretch marks. It Didn’t.

So summer has well and truly arrived and I WANT TO SWIM AND BEACH AND WHAT NOT. So I have set myself a challenge to GET OVER IT and start living without the superficial stuff. It really is quite simple.

I realised very soon after that there is no way I could purchase bathers online, I don’t even know what size I am having not purchased bathers since I was 19 and the thought of hauling two kids into the city to try on pair after pair of unrealistic options for my body, just about sent me running for the hills. I left it. Sad and sorry that I would again miss the beach this summer but also kind of relieved that I didn’t have to go through with it all. Pheww.

I came across Sirens swimwear.

An Australian label. Tick.

Designed for ALL women. Tick.

And their styles! Tick.

The best part is that they have developed an easy way, to order bathers online. The process is called SHIP THE SHOP. Basically, you can order up to five sets of bathers, pay for one and return the ones that didn’t suit. I chose. I ordered. I received my bathers and the free return shipping, post-bag within the week!

I was super excited to get this mum-tum into their stunning and flattering bathers!

I honestly could not be happier with my experience! The benefit of being able to try on the items within the comfort of my own home was huge! I Was able to get an honest opinion from my family and didnt have to worry about which child was going to loose it first in the change room! The process was so simple and with the return shipping bag included It didnt cost me to shop this way!  I am very IMPRESSED. Check out the sets I chose and let me know your favourite!


IMG_0767IMG_0764 IMG_0787(1)-3

Polished Purposeful Pretty - Sirens Swimwear

This is a sponsored post, which means that all products were supplied. I only review items that I absolutely luurve and know would benefit you my fab follower, partly because we are not an advertising service but mostly because it would bore the crap out of me to write fluff. All opinions are very much my own. I take a huge amount of pride in the honest and transparent thing we’ve got going on here at Polished Purposeful Pretty.

Ppp followers have been offered free shipping on all orders up untill December 15th just enter polished at checkout

click here to check out Sirens Swimwear



6 thoughts on ““I have no idea why it is so hard for me to confess, I have stretchies.”

  1. Jordan Alyssia says:

    You are incredible mama, 5 babies is a HUGE acheivement! Go you!
    It is a very important lesson to teach our babes – the world can be a harsh place we need to fill them with confidence and bravery so one day it on their own!


  2. cecilandberyl says:

    Beautiful pics of you and your bub, thanks for being brave enough to share. I’m now going to dig my bathers out and try them on! I’ve never been one for prancing around in lycra, and after 5 babies, i’m even less inspired to do so, but it’s important to teach our kids we’re not defined by our body type!


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