WOAH. I think I have discovered one of the coolest, handiest inventions for Mums, Dads and bubs ever. If you have kids in between the ages of 6 and 18 months, you will definitely be able to relate to the horrific – ‘im just learning to move around/walk and my coordination is somewhat comparable to that of a newborn giraffe, but I will not give up until I am covered head to toe in bruises’ – phase.

Well the gorgeous Bridget, Mumma to Indi and wildlife warrior has come up with a perfect (and incredibly adorable) solution…TOTSOX!


As the name suggests, TOTSOX are indoor/outdoor socks, with a rubber lined sole. Not only does this protect little feet, it also gives bubs ninja like grip on those slippery surfaces!

TOTSOX SAYS: “The moulded non slip rubber sole is designed for safety and traction on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Consisting of Phthalate free rubber it helps to absorb the impact on their joints and muscles while they are running around.
The sock is knitted from cotton/poly so is soft, durable and breathable.
Giving your tot confidence and comfort when learning to walk.”

Sounds good to me!


One of the best things about these cute sock-shoes is that unlike other options in terms of pre-walkers, they are machine washable! and for a limited time right now, if you order a pair they will come with a free wash bag to protect them.


The gorgeous little Tot below is the face behind the brand. Indi! Otherwise known as mini wildlife warrior is the reason Mumma Bridge decided to create TOTSOX. Thankyou Indi!


I love finding goodies that make this parenting a little easier – especially now, with two babies, god knows how we will get through the day when baby girl is walking but hey if she has one less fall because of these babies, I am all for it!

oh and if you want to checkout TOTSOX range CLICK HERE

toren_and_me_large totsox_emblem_medium

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