The Rise Of The ‘Working, Stay At Home Mum’

The desire to create is meant to be one of the strongest yearnings of the human soul. And It is one that I spent a long time fighting so I could earn a reliable income and study a ‘career building’ degree.

Like every other parent in the universe, I realized many many things with the birth of my first born, the most significant of those being that a reliable income does not, in fact, equal happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I am the first to argue that ‘if we had all the money in the world we could spend every minute together as a family just loving each other and doing things that fulfill our hearts, without having to worry about the bills’, ( a regular conversation I have with my dreamy, yet far to logical, Fiancé). It sounds like a pretty bloody happy place to be.

Seeings as we do not have all the money in the world, we have to create little happy’s by doing things we love and doing them as much as possible.

I am not sure if everyone needs a ‘thing’  to make their life complete but I know that I do and the ‘thing’ that enables me to be completely at peace is creating. Creating to me is so many things. Its; painting, designing, writing, lettering, and photography. As a mum of two beautiful minis, it is incredibly difficult to find the time to invest my self as much as I would like to into, anything.



The other thing I realized is that, it sucks (and seems completely ridiculous) that the world we live in is literally based entirely on economics. To have a good life you need to have money (don’t get your nicks in a twist, I mean for food, shelter, medical expenses, chocolate etc.) and to have money, you have to work. but spending all of your time working means that you have to be away from your loved ones and away from the things that bring you true happiness. Fabulous. This, however, is not a reality for those clever cookies who have found a way to make their happy thing – their source of income, and even less of a reality for those parents who have found a way to create a reliable income doing the thing they love, whilst being at home with their babies. Genius.

So, I am trying to work toward this dreamy life as we speak. It is far easier said then done and sometimes I simply just need to get the hell out of the house and sit in my own silence for a while, but knowing that one day I will be working from home, for myself makes my knees wobbly with excitement.

Here are some (there are really way to many) of my favorite, wonderful Mums who have found a way to turn their creative thing into their source of income!

Bek Halliday –

Zebony Design –

Zoe Loves Ava –

Paperkrane –

Love Lace and Candles –

Captain + co. –

Louise & Albi –



(non-negotiable) COFFEE – Yellow Espresso

FLOWERS – Stems Flower Market


BABY – Mine



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