Letter Three: In Mummy’s Tummy – 6.11.12

Hello Jimmi,

Its Melbourne cup day today! That means Daddy has the day off!

Mum, Scotty and Ryan are over for a couple of days which is nice. They went to a boat show for Scotty on a lake (somewhere!?) Nirandra maybe. So they’ve popped in on the way back to Adelaide. Poppy gets here Friday and Grandpa says he is visiting us soon to but he is staying with someone else so I’m really not sure if we will see him to be honest.

Jakey wouldn’t let me write to you last night, he wanted to cuddle and said that even if I sat up and wrote you a letter he would still cuddle me. so I gave in. I cannot wait for Mum, Dad, Jimmi cuddles! so excited.

I had a strange dream last night and all I remember from it was that you were here and you were wearing a hat and Dad had a big tattoo on his chest that said Maxwell, which is what I want to name you. I CANNOT imagine Jake with a tattoo, it made me laugh this morning remembering it. Poor dad haha. We both like the name Max for you, actually I prefer Maxwell but Dad just wants to name you Max. so it will be Maxwell. I have a feeling Jimmi might stick but we will have to wait to meet you I think.

It is My 21st in 19 days. Your mum is very young to be having you baby boy, not too young I don’t think but definitely younger than most. I like the idea of being a young mum. I will have more years to spend with you, hopefully that’s the way it works out anyway. I am nervous about becoming your mum. I already feel like a mum but I guess I truly have no idea what it will be like once you arrive. I hope I am a good mum to you, il definitely try my best. I’m already obsessed with you and I haven’t met you yet so lets hope I am not to clingy when your older.

Dads Birthday is coming up to, he’ll be 23! I have bought him white Beats by Dre headphones, he catches two trams to work so I think it will be nice for him to not have to listen to everyone around him. I kept it a secret for weeks until last night, I accidentally told him. Embarrassing.

Anyway baby boy, you are my world, sun, stars and moon.

I Love you more than you’ll ever know.

xo Mum

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