Letter 6: In Mums Tummy – 18.12.2013

My darling boy

I cannot believe it has been two weeks exactly since I last wrote you a letter, how time fly’s. In the last 14 days nothing much has changed. We had our second to last baby check up appt. at the Royal Women’s red clinic (just in case we forget). Everything went as expected. You are currently 35cms long from bottom to crown (fundal height), which is normal for your gestational age. They aim for 2cms either side of your age in weeks so this week you are in your 37th week (37w 6d) so we would expect you to be between 35cms and 39cms. Although I honestly don’t understand how they rely on measuring the fundal height. The midwife just uses a measuring tape from pubic bone to where your bottom is. In my head it seems like I could have put on body fat or have just been to the toilet and that may cause variations in the measurement wouldn’t it? Anyway apparently you’re all good, I’m not sure how important the measurement is but I’m happy with that. Dad and I were both a little surprised that you would measure on the smaller side of the normal range seeing as both of us are quite tall. Once again, I’m sure all babies grow at different rates and it will all balance out when you are born. Maybe you’re having a week off! You will most likely be like your gorgeous dad in the height department (6ft 4in) when you’re grown.

 Nanny has just left us to go home to Adelaide. I love that woman, but god I definitely like it when she goes home to! She is a whirlwind that’s for sure, its rather exhausting being around her all the time! You will adore your nanny and Poppy and Granny baby. You are so very lucky to have such attentive, Grandparents sweetheart. Your Grandpa will try, but he isn’t as interested in our life as your other Grandparents. You definitely wont be short on love, that is for sure!

 Your dad is a lot like his dad in lots of ways and I hope that you will have some of his wonderful qualities as well. Your dads patience (especially with mummy) and his beautiful, gentle nature.- he tells some off sometimes but only out of love as I’m sure he will with you to. Sometimes I poke my belly and wobbly it just a little to get you to move, Dad hates it, he gets upset with me and I actually love that he is already protective of his son even inside your safe, warm home in my tummy.

 Your Poppy loves his cars. It is so important to have a passion in life, an escape when you need time on your own and (for me) something creative to throw yourself into to make sure that you are always your brain. I will always try to help you find your passion and place in the world darling. It may be something small like running or painting. I love to read – literally anything. Your Dad is the same. It scares me thinking about my purpose in life. Why are we here and what for. I don’t know why but I have always questioned it. Although its definitely clearer now that you are my purpose. I just want to make your life perfect while I can and when you are older we can enjoy the ups and downs together, with dad as well (he is my other purpose). We are so lucky to have each other your dad and I. I feel like it is really rare to find someone who may not have the same life as you but when you come together everything aligns and it just feels like you are where you’re meant to be. That’s what happened with dad and I, I have never for a second questioned if we are doing the right thing, our life has always just fallen into place, even the bad things.

 Dad is really unwell at the moment baby boy. He hasn’t long had epilepsy and we are still trying to figure out his balance of medications. It means that he is still having Aura’s and little episodes pretty regularly but fortunately no big seizures for a while which is comforting. He hates not being allowed to drive or drink, and the medication seems to make his tremor in his hands worse but we will get there soon and he will feel much better. Its frustrating how alcohol is the only thing that improves his tremor, I can definitely see how some people fall into self medicating. It has been really tough seeing him looking so tired and unwell, I think he has lost weight to but Dr. French said that is common with some epilepsy medications. I feel like his family blame me a bit, but Jake doesn’t like me to tell them about anything to do with his health because he hates a deal being made. Annoying strong-headed dad. To bad we love him so much hey.

Ten and Darren had their baby girl this morning! Asher Ruby is her name and she was born perfect and healthy and gorgeous! she wasn’t due until the 6th of Next month. What a lovely surprise.

Love you always darling

Mum xo

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