If My Toddler Was a Celebrity His Pre-show List of Demands Would Be:

I need my 51 Thomas trains lined up in perfect order each and every morning and then on my demand at subsequent times throughout the day


I must have my bot bot (bottle) slightly above room temp. No cooler. No warmer.

I adore Fruit toast for breakfast and I adore sultanas. However I do not like sultanas in my fruit toast. (Self-explanatory)

The big Texta’s need to remain in a separate tin to the small Texta’s at all times. I don’t require the lids to be on but if they are, they’d better be on the right colour, even if it was me who put the wrong colour lid on the wrong colour Texta.

I will not put up with furniture or people getting in the way of me driving my car around the house. And God help you if you cant move the walls.

A hang nail will totally mess with my zen, I need someone to deal with that bad boy straight away

The same applies to a boogie I found in my nose (here mum, I found this)

Bribes are only accepted if they involve chocolate (everything involves chocolate now)

Blue Pwanket (blanket) must accompany me everywhere.

Also, don’t even think about using/sitting near/or covering my sister with my Pwanket. Unless I tell you to. Then you HAVE to do it.

If I say its mine, Its mine. Even if its yours.

I HATE anything on my hands! Sometimes you’ll have to hand feed me everything because I wont feel like getting dirty hands. Then other times il freak out if you don’t let me hold it. Choose wisely.


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