Letter 5: In Mums Tummy – 18.12.2013

Hi baby boy!

 We had the biggest of weekends! And Daddy had to go straight back to work today the poor thing. We went home to Adelaide for my 21st birthday and your baby shower. BUSY BUSY BUSY.

My 21st was on Friday night, Mum (your granny) organised the whole night, it was lovely, although I do have to say by the end of it I was exhausted and sweaty. You are due in just over one month! I am struggling. I still can’t believe mum did such a fantastic speech, your granny is not one for public speeking and she killed a 10 minute speech in front of 50+ people.

 We only wanted close friends and family to come seeings as you are about to climb out of my tummy yourself, but as usual, I felt pressured to invite half of Adelaide. Luckily for me almost half of the people who were invited and RSVP’d didn’t turn up. Usually I would be upset and embarrassed but I was actually really appreciative, goes to show, I should have listened to myself. Still I wonder why. I think it has something to do with us having lived in Melbourne for the last year and a half and the fact that we have settled together and are starting our family. Out of sight out of mind, and maybe being young parents, some of our friends, well most of them, are on different wavelengths. Who Knows! Anyway, everyone that I hold dear to my heart was there and that is all that matters.

On Saturday, we hung out with Daddy’s side of the family at Nanny and Poppy’s house! I have been so incredibly tired this week, You must be doing all the last few weeks worth of growing that you need to do, keep it up little one, you are out in four weeks and we need you to be a healthy baby boy.

 35 weeks and 6 days today. Which means tomorrow you are 36 weeks, and I am on the home stretch! Everyone keeps trying to guess your name, most think it is going to be Jimmy. I guess I can tell you, seeing as it is yours, we have chosen (and actually agreed on) Maxwell John. A very proper name, for a very cheeky boy.

 Your baby shower was on Sunday. Aunty Kobe and Aunty Kimbo organised it together! I just turned up and enjoyed the day it was really nice. The theme was baby jungle animals, so cute! They did a fantastic job although I think they nearly killed each other doing it. We received so so many gifts for you! Luckily we had 30kgs-checked luggage for the flight home, we still had to leave some for Poppy to bring over when he drives next.


Anyway sweetheart it is all so real now! I cannot wait to meet you

Mum xo

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