Our Interview with the Inspiring Tara Hayes


Women inspiring, encouraging and supporting other women has always been something so close to my heart. I have two beautiful sisters and an incredible mum who along with myself, have always struggled with self belief, ever since the birth of my gorgeous daughter I have been adamant about breaking this cycle within our family and community.

I absolutely love reading about the lives of women who are working incredibly hard to fit it all in and seeing success in both their role as a mum and their career!

Here at Polished Purposeful Pretty, we are incredibly passionate about women supporting women and mums supporting and encouraging mums to be strong, humble, kind and successful in their many roles! Watching a woman who wants something so badly, invest all she has into it, achieve her dreams, is just so empowering.

There are a few women that are current inspirations of mine. They empower and encourage me and many other women daily and absolutely love it!

So, I am sharing these sources with other women who, like me, want to have it all.

I have been lucky enough to sit down with the Inspiring Tara Hayes for an interview on her life as a wife, a mum and a successful blogger at All About Her and businesswoman.

Tara, your blog, All About Her, is wonderful! What made you want to start your own website?

 That’s really kind of you Jordan thanks so much. A few months after I became a mum I felt like I needed something creative to throw myself into and call my own. Don’t get me wrong I loved my new role as a mummy but I felt like I had lost my identity. I noticed I had a lot of people asking me for recommendations and for products I used and trusted especially after becoming a mother (as we all tend to share and help each other with our successful finds). I have always enjoyed working so I combined both to do something from home that allowed me to put Hunter first and still work around our routine. I do all of my planning and writing when he is asleep.


 You have had All About Her up and running for only eight months! And already have experienced such success! What did you do to get ahead of the pack?

 Wow these past eight months have just flown! Success to me is reaching out and connecting with just one person, anymore than that is such a bonus. I recently received an email from a local mum saying how much she enjoyed reading my posts and to just get that email from her made my week! That one person gave me a feeling of success.

 I haven’t really looked at what other people have done or compared myself to them I‘ve simply stuck to what I like and what I’m interested in.

 I really enjoy interviewing people who are making their footprint on the world; these people are doing things that make me feel proud to share. The work doesn’t come to me so I do have to source it but I find if you ask nicely to connect with people the chances are most will be generous with their time. Thankfully I haven’t worked with awful people, the complete opposite really I have met and worked with kind and talented people doing wonderful things.

 Here are some of the things I did right from the beginning.


In January (when my motivation is at its peak) I wrote down everything I wanted to achieve in 2015.

I listed people I would like to work with and even feature on my blog. I also wrote down things I found I struggled with during my journey and worked my topic of the post around those struggles. For example, starting Hunter on solids was really stressful for me. I turned to Annabel Karmels book at the time so I decided to contact her to do a post and share some professional tips with mums who are finding the process hard.


I wrote down businesses and brands that matched my blogs direction and made contact with them. Reach out to people or even a business and ask to collaborate with them. Even if it’s just to provide a quote, comment, interview or even offer to feature the brand on your blog with an agreed giveaway. This way you’re promoting them but giving back to your readers with the chance to win something.

 Social media.

A platform that connects you to an audience. A free channel to network and promote your blog to then hopefully gain traffic to it. Use as many apps as you can to reach out to people. I attract some international readers by using Pinterest.

 Guest posting.

When my blog was only one week old I decided to do some guest writing for Bec Douros for her blog ‘Bec Marks The Spot’. It allows you to work with other bloggers in the community and gives you the opportunity to reach out and introduce yourself to a different demographic of readers. Valuable learning, experiences and even potential opportunities can come from this exercise, in exchange for your time and posts.

You are a Wife to Lenny and a Mum to gorgeous Hunter, how do you manage to balance family life and running a really successful blog? Do you still manage to find some me time?

 Gosh I do try and “balance” family, life and the blog but I have come to realize that you do have to sacrifice something. In an ideal world I would love to post daily but I’m trying to spread and balance my attention to my husband, my son, to friends and also still give back to myself and that’s a lot to fit in a 12 hour period. In saying that there would be a lot of mothers out there with more on their plate than me so I’m grateful for the balance I do have.

Like everyone else if I’m doing really well at managing one area like at home I then realize I haven’t spoken too or seen my friends in 2 weeks! I make sure I find time for myself by training but I do take Hunter with me. I often use him as gym equipment by lifting him up and down to make him laugh (he is a typical clingy boy and doesn’t like me playing without him). Washing my hair and shaving my legs in one shower trip is giving back to myself and totally giving back to my marriage as who knows what Lenny is thinking if I don’t find the time to wash my hair and shave.…we’ve all done it. I believe all mothers should give back to themselves in some way …just for our sanity. We tend to never have enough hours in the day so I just try my best to prioritize and fit as much as I can into one day and It’s fair to say by 8pm I’m in bed pooped. Gosh I only have 1 child! Big high five to you Jordan for having two little ones and starting a blog…your amazing!

Thank you, It is Certainly Challenging at times! Tara you are a bit of an advocate of supporting other mums on a similar journey to yourself. You even gave me some really valuable advice when I launched my blog. Do you have any tips for my mum readers that may want to start their own blog or business?

 I do have a soft spot for mums, going through motherhood myself I automatically have that understanding and respect for them. Motherhood to me is like a secret club or sisterhood; we all understand each other and I believe just having a child automatically connects you emotionally to another parent. It was important for me to have something to call my own that I was proud of and that feeling is priceless. I would love for others to experience that feeling so wherever I can I will put aside time to support them to achieve this.

I totally agree with you, I felt that profound connection with other mums after the birth of my son to! Tara, who or what inspires you?

 So many people inspire me.

Mothers, people who follow their dreams, people who battle an illness and find strength to fight through it, their courage alone inspires me. The people who come across “failure” and through that experience have a positive attitude so their growth and learning from their mistakes is so inspiring. Even people who have had a challenging life or horrible experience and decide to pull through and help others who are facing their exact battle, that selfless act is so inspiring to me.

What is your parenting style?

 I’m yet to work out my parenting style but that’s a great question. I guess being my first baby I’m totally winging it and making everything up most of the time. Nothing really prepares you to become a parent besides your own experience. Hopefully with the second bub I will work out a style. I would love to be a mother that is calm, that keeps it together and cruises through it but knowing me I will be the OCD, overwhelmed, anxious, stress head like the mother from Modern Family.


What do you love most about being a mum?

 I have a constant updated list as Hunter grows. The love and affection I receive especially those out of the blue hugs to watching him grow and change. He blows me away by his abilities and his constant development and I feel so honored to be apart of it. I must say though the smooches and hugs are just the best and each one makes me melt. I also will never get sick of hearing him say mumma.

What do you have in store for the rest of 2015?

 To keep exploring the world with Hunter.

 I‘ve been guest writing for the Pregnancy, Babies & Children’s Expo website which has been incredible. My family will also be appearing at the expo this October.

 I’m looking to feature some unique products for my online store, which are made by our local mums. I really want to use my blog to help launch and promote our talented and brave mumpreneurs.

 I’m starting to sell beautiful all natural baby products, anti-aging men’s/women’s skin care range, and a hair + make up range. I’m actually looking to put together a team so we can all work on it together. So if you’re a stay- at- home mum and would like to work your own hours but still earn an income feel free to get in touch. This global business is family owned and has been around for years. I wanted to make work fun and to incorporate girl’s night catch-ups, wine over meetings and to build and support our stay at home mums both professionally and financially. It’s all word of mouth so no pushy product sales or parties required.

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