The Versatile Blogger Award


I Have been nominated for the Versatile bloggers award by the ever so cute blogger Dorian’s hand. This was a new blog to me so i jumped over to have a peruse and was completely impressed with the genuine, adorable, fabulously addictive stories and ventures of 18 month old Dorian and Mama. If you would like to have a look at their blog you can click here.

This is my first ever blog award nomination and my blog being less than two weeks old I am super humbled so Thankyou Dorian’s Hand!

As with many awards there are rules to being nominated, the rules of this one are as follows:

– Show the award on your blog.

-Thank the person you nominated you.

– Share 7 things about yourself.

– Nominate 15 blogs for the award.

– Link the blogs and let them know.

Okeedokee. This is a wonderful way to appreciate the blogs and their authors that you love and that inspire you everyday. Its also a wonderful way to expand your readership and also to discover new blogs that you may not have come across before. I hope that every page I nominate know that I sincerely enjoy the content of their blog and follow each and every one in the hope that they will follow and return to my page in the future as well!

I am interested mostly in mum, creative, Interior design blogs so my 15 choices are pretty well all within those categories. Lets make a big Blogger community!

7 Things about Myself!

1. I am a mum of two little babes, Mr 2.5 and Miss 10 weeks

2. I am addicted to blogs, I read so so many blogs although I need to be more interactive (here’s a good start)

3. I have a wonderful Fiance, We have been engaged for three years and have no wedding plans as yet.

4. I have just launched my little blog not even two weeks ago yet and already know that my passion for writing, blogging, my kiddies and Interior design are all going to come together and form my career in the not to distant future. I also know that I need a mentor!

5. We moved from the Adelaide Hills, to Melbourne, to Craigieburn, had our baby boy and then moved to Ballarat (where we now call home) and had our baby girl all within three years. I am 23 and my Fiance is 25.

6. I am an extreme life purpose/career/dream chaser. I can Honestly say that I have not missed one opportunity in my blessed life yet. I know exactly where I want to go and I am having loads of fun figuring out how to get there with my small possy in tow! I can also say that between myself and my Fiance we have experienced our fair share of scares, tragedies, and devastation. Enough to last a lifetime.

7. I need to go to bed so badly but am struggling to pull myself away from the computor. As always. Even when I finally do i will be trawling Instagram for the rest of the night πŸ˜‰

– Le Zoe Musings

-The Life Creative

-Squeezed daily

-style for a happy home


-Baby space

-cushion spot

-recycled interiors

-The Stylist Splash

-Honey and Fizz

-Katrina from the Block

-A little Delightful

-design heaven

-Mum Little Loves

Thankyou xx

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