Letter Four – In Mums Tummy: 7.11.12

I finished your nursery today!

Your bassinet, we borrowed off of mums friend, is all ready to go in our bedroom ready for your arrival.

your new cot, which was apparently a nightmare to put together, thanks Grandpa Scotty (while I slept). Is all made up with new bedding. Mum and I washed, dried and folded all of your clothes and even the new pusher is ready to go! I will be honest though, I basically did nothing except style your bedroom, the fun bit.

I have been so tired lately but i keep telling myself that is training for when you are here keeping us up all night long. The other night I sat up and read my book until 5am and then went to sleep while dad got ready for work. I will not be to impressed if baby Jimmi keeps mum up until 5am!

All that’s left to set up is the car seat. which i will have to do soon in case you come a little early. You are exactly 32 weeks gestation today! you are growing very well and have had absolutely no issues so far. You move alot now, dad and I watch my tummy for hours. It is so scary when you do a big turn and your elbow or foot pokes right out. I feel like your going to push through!

I am going into work tomorrow for the last time before I officially start maternity leave! its a lot earlier that I would have liked but I can’t walk around anymore because of this SPD and seeing as my job requires me to be very active it is just not working out. I am determined to look after my health even though work have no problem pushing it.

Dad is very tired today. he had a HUGE day at work yesterday and didn’t get home until really late because of a seminar after work that he had to attend. I think he also feels a bit crap because I am at home with Mum and Scotty and he has to work, so I dropped and picked him up from the train station today with the best packed lunch, poor dad. His epilepsy medication makes him tired to.

I know its a short one tonight! we are pooped baby.

xo Mum

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