Five Amazing Instagram Feeds You Simply MUST Follow For Colour Inspiration.

If your anything like me, you are constantly trawling your Instagram feed and seeing MONOCHROME EVERYWHERE! I am all for a bit of black and white but today I have decided that outside is to yucky for monochrome, I need something to brighten my life.

1. Lark @larkstore


Lark is a gorgeous, decor, party and craft online store with an even more adorable bricks and mortar in Ballarat, Victoria. Owner Allison Jones has featured all over the place with her quirky quality collections. She sources everything sold in her store herself and has an absolute passion for all things bright and colorful! We may just have to do a feature on her! her taste in deliciously impeccable.

2. Pete Cromer @petecromer


Artist and Designer Pete Cromer, has one of the most colorful feeds in the history of Instagram. His artwork is super creative and bright bright bright! annnd he is a Victorian boy! we heart our locals. Anyway his Instagram is a ‘must follow’ if you need a pop of colour in your day, really who doesn’t.

3. Laura Blythman @laurablythman

laura blythman

Another talented melbournian! I actually retract what I said about Pete’s feed being the most colourful of all time. Laura’s feed is definitely the most colourful.  And when I say colourful, I really mean fluorescent. Her artwork is loads of fun and most definitely a must have for every girls bedroom little and big. Pete and Laura are both hitting up Sydney’s Finders Keepers market May 8th 9th and 10th and what better way to spoil your mum on mothers day than with wonderful artwork from wonderfully talented people.

4.Lindsay Blamey @blameart

lindsay blambey

Lindsay Blamey is a little known visual artist and designer from, you guessed it, Melbourne! you may have seen her work on… THE BLOCK! Lindsay is huge! Her name in the world of art is huge. not her. Anyway, you may not know her by name but you definitely will know her by her works!

Follow her feed.

Your welcome.

5. Rachel Castle @rachelcastleandthings

rachel castle

I think Rachel is going to be in every single post from now on. She is my Favorite! she uses colour with no god damn fear, this woman! I check her feed daily (more than a few times). Added bonus Rachel has a fab sense of humor, her work really represents her personality.

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