Letter Three – In Mums Tummy: 6.11.12

Hello Jimmi!

It is Melbourne Cup Day Today! That means that daddy is home with us, it also means that we are feeling very strange sitting at home. We have lived in Melbourne for a year now and definitely expected to have a different lifestyle to the one we are about to embark on with you beautiful boy. Don’t worry, there are absolutely no regrets here! its just a strange feeling, that’s all.

Your Grandma (that sounds weird to) is over at the moment with Scotty and Ryan. They went to a boat show for Scotty in Nirandra (Or something) I actually cant remember the name of the place. Something like that. Poppy is over next week to! and apparently Dad (my Dad) is coming to visit soon but he is staying somewhere else so who knows if we will see him. I hope He tries harder to be important in your life than he does mine.

Your Daddy wouldn’t let me write you a letter last night, he complained that im ‘always writing  in bed and not cuddling’ so last night we cuddled and chatted instead. I cant wait  for Mummy, Daddy, Jimmi cuddles. oh my god, hurry up pregnancy! I want you here! I cant believe I get to snuggle a newborn. My newborn.

I had the strangest dream last night (thankyou pregnancy hormones) I cant remember all of it but I remember Jake got a massive tattoo of your name down his side and you were on his chest asleep wearing a little sun hat and socks strangely enough. Your name is going to be Maxwell. I think, Dad wants just Max but I prefer a whole name. So it will be Maxwell. Poor dad. Anyway I cannot Imagine Jakey with a tattoo at all! I laughed remembering my dream this morning! I wonder if he wants to do the tattoo thing, its a lovely sentiment. Who knows how many babies we will have though, I say only one, but deep down I know we will want to have another little cherub one day down the track.

Its my 21st Birthday in 19 days. Your mummy is very young to be having a family sweetie, not too young but definitely younger than most. I hope I will be a good mum to you. I am already totally obsessed with you and we haven’t even met yet. When you get those annoying hiccups it reminds me than you are a real little person inside my stomach.

Dads birthday is coming up to. he will be 23. I bought him Beats headphones a few weeks ago but accidentally told him last night. so we may have to get something else to so he still has a surprise.

you are my world little man and we cannot wait to meet you

xo Mum

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