5 Must have Cushions.

I am a self confessed cushion addict.

So without further adieu, here is a list of my current cushion crushes, enjoy.

1. The Frutti cushion, $99 from Middle Of Nowhere is absolutely edible! Fruit is the new monochrome! with loads of designers creating adorable fruit based decor.

Lovingly designed right here in Melbourne by the super talented father daughter team, Grant and Sarah Brooke.


2. The Spot Cushion in Mint, $89, is also from middle of nowhere! I cannot get enough of these guys at the moment!

Round cushions are everywhere right now, and for good reason, they are so cute and a fab addition to your cushion collection for a pop of colour. This one is my favorite because of the exposed brass zip on the back. gorgeous.

spot cushion


images courtesy of www.middleofnowhere.com.au

3. The Mandala cushion, $69.95  from My Little Empire is an absolute stunner. There is no such thing as to much mandala in your life.


Image courtesy of My Little Empire

4. Number four has me really excited. if you have a penchant for all things bright and colorful you are going to love Castle. Owned by Rachel Castle, her wonderfully addictive designs are created in Australia! The clever cookie screen-prints her own fabrics to!

The gold Penny Round Cushion, $59, is my absolute favorite, who doesn’t love a bit of gold in the living room!


5. Rachel’s Yellow Swatch Velvet cushion is another cushion crush of mine at the moment. To purchase either of these gorgeous cushions jump over to castleandthings.com.au.


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