Baby Terms Tuesday: Cluster Feed

What is cluster feeding? I hear you ask.

Cluster feeding is when munchkin bum is constantly on the boob for an extended period of time e.g. 3 hours.
A Cluster feed usually consists of lots of little feeds where bub will fall asleep in between but wake often, fully expecting that boosie to be exactly where she left it, In her mouth! And lord help you, if you’ve  tried to slip it out and sneak away.
Often occurring in the late afternoon or evening and sometimes followed by an extended sleep wooohooo (fingers crossed anyway), cluster feeding can signify that bub is having a growth spurt, reaching a significant milestone (sometimes called a wonderweek), or he may simply just need a little extra mummy loving, boobie buffet time, for no good reason at all. Which of course is fine or great or whatever… unless you also have a toddler, then your stuffed.
Anyway, I degress. Back to Cluster feeding, the one thing to remember is that baby just needs you to give it up. So number 1. pop her down 2. Strip off and chuck on hubbys dressing gown 3. Make a cup of earl grey and grab a couple of boobie cookies 4. finally, plant your tush on the couch with the remote, your phone, and a book near by (oh yes and bub) because you may very well be stuck there for the next 4 hours.

Your milk supply may feel as though it has dropped. Try not to feel discouraged mumma, YOU ARE DOING A WONDERFUL JOB! please remember that. So the best thing to do is to take the first opportunity to hand bub over to daddy (or whoever) take ten minutes to have a shower or bath, lots of water and some alone time (yes, shut the bathroom door) Bub will be fine if you are out of sight or smell as he wont be able to smell that delicious milky mum smell.
And remember this won’t last forever Mummy.
I will add a link to my boobie cookies to they are made locally to me but ship Australia wide.

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