Letter Two – In Mums Tummy 1.11.12

I am off of work again today my gorgeous little bump. Although the pain is slightly better I think if I try to do all the things I so badly need to I will end up stuck on the couch again!

One thing I have learned over the last week  is that, day. time. television. is. rubbish. Hughie’s kitchen, Days of our Lives, or kiddies shows are today’s options. I suppose I should get to know the good kiddies shows though for your benefit hey.

Your Daddy is big on taking photos of my belly at the moment, which I am sure I will one day love him for but at the moment I cant stand it! I feel somewhat comparable to a walrus in size and appearance. I don’t really like pregnancy to be honest my sweet baby. Its an endless waiting period. Waiting to meet the love of your life, waiting to hold, smell, kiss, and nurture your baby all the while dealing with pains and discomfort, sickness and emotional ups and downs. Its not at all what i expected it to be.

I am so excited to set up your bedroom. I payed more off of our lay-by at Baby-Bunting today. only a little more to go and then we can have it delivered! I have decided on lots of greens and whites for your bedroom, I don’t know why but I’m not super into blues for you. It seems strange but I just know your going to be different to other boys your age.

Dad and I have always maintained this belief that to be happy in life you have to find your niche and then keep at it until your the best you can be. You can be different from the crowds and the most happy and successful people in the world do things against the grain.

At 19 and 21 we moved to Melbourne, we love it here, while all of our wonderful friends are back home in the Adelaide Hills, partying and and working, we are here  finding our way down a different path and i guess finding ourselves to. Hopefully we can pass on some of these beliefs to you but if you decide you don’t agree that’s fine to. I have a feeling you are going to teach us more than we can teach you darling boy.

Just on a side note Poppy said that he is buying an old 1974 wagon to restore for Dad. He is magical with old cars, I bet he will take you in the Anglia one day, its from 1962! crazy.

goodnight gorgeous boy xxx

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