Letter One – In Mum’s Tummy 31.10.12

31 weeks today little boy. Mummy’s belly is growing ever so quickly now. OUTWARDS!

Those pesky stretch I tried so hard to avoid have now broken into little purple scars – scary, 20 years old and no more bikinis on the beach. Of course having you will make them insignificant, Mum keeps telling me I wont even notice them. I’m not sure about that.

I am due to finish work in two weeks, But I haven’t worked at all this week because of  SPD, or Symphsis Pubis  Dysfunction. Who would have thought at 20 years of age! I can barely walk some days and turning over in bed or getting off the couch are no longer tasks that I can manage on my own. Thank goodness for your Daddy. He has to listen to me complain and whinge everyday, poor thing. I am in bed next to Him right now actually, he’s very tired but I don’t want to turn the light off just yet, I want to keep writing to you.  He doesn’t complain to much, I think he knows how much I crave a closeness to you little baby, I love you so much already.

I hope you are comfortable in my tummy, I want you to stay in there a bit longer yet. Your Aunty Tenni is about the same time into her pregnancy as we are, shes having a little girl! baby girl is getting to excited to come out into the world but shes not ready yet. It scares me that anything can happen and that its out of our control. We have had a perfect pregnancy so far you and I, so lets keep it that way darling boy.

Grandma and Grandpa Scotty are coming over to Melbourne next week, I can not wait. I need Mum at the moment she is nice to have around when I am not well, even just for a hug or to listen to me complain about how useless I feel this week.

Your Mum is studying at the moment to darling, I am doing a Bachelor of Business Management and Finance. I really like it, dad helps me with lots of assignments and tests so I don’t get to stressed and tired. He is so good like that, I think he will be the best help when you are at school with your homework.

YOU JUST KICKED! – you’re always kicking I think your going to be into sports or dance, you are just so active in there.

Goodnight Beautiful boy, Dad’s already out to it, His medication for his Epilepsy makes him so tired. We love you more than you will ever know.

 Mum. x o

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